Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jean Tutu Dress

So I admit I have a tutu obsession.  What’s so wrong with having a tutu for every day of the week?  Of course my cutie can’t just have a plain old tutu, so I decided to make her this cute hybrid.

I bought this jean dress which cost all of $3.00 so just in case I messed up I wouldn’t feel like I wasted too much money.
I cut the bottom of the dress just below the pockets.

I wanted to create that worn effect so I cut little slits all around the bottom. No need to be neat. the messier the better. This will make the worn effect look natural.

After cutting the slits around the bottom I put it in the washing machine then dryer. This helped shred the slits even more.

I gathered the material I needed to make the tutu.  I chose pink, purple, and black tulle because the little design on the front of the jean dress had these colors.

Created the tutu.

Sewed it to the bottom of the jean dress.

voilà    Her first of many jean tutu dresses



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